Get Jessica Biel’s H.Stern Copernicus Ring, Worn on German TV Show Wetten Dass…?

Jessica Biel is taking her talents across the pond. She was spotted as a guest on hit German TV show “Wetten, dass…?” to promote her film, New Year’s Eve, which I cannot wait to see.

She rocked a sleeveless striped knee-length dress and great jewelry: Melrose Memoirs Earrings in Frost from Samantha Wills and a Copernicus Ring in 18k gold with diamonds from H.Stern. Great complements to her dress and just an elegant ensemble overall.

The Copernicus Ring was inspired by Nicolas Copernicus, one of the pioneers of modern astronomy, as well as the first person to formulate a heliocentric model of the cosmos, placing the Sun at the center of the universe. He was such an original thinker for his time and without his discoveries, who knows where we would be today. This ring definitely resembles the constellations and will surely pull anyone into its orbit at first glance. Not for the faint of heart, this piece is truly unique and a keepsake for generations to come.

H.Stern’s Copernicus Ring retails for $3900. Visit to purchase and for more information.

*Images courtesy of Getty.

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