No Black Models On the Runway Since Spring 2010: What Gives Fendi?

I am an avid Fendi fan. I not only own a vintage Fendi bag, but a “B” belt as well: the latter getting serious wear in my wardrobe for the years I have owned it. I have featured the brand on eight separate occasions on my blog, from Taylor Tomasi and her love for the Anna Shoulder Bag to Tika Sumpter discussing her recent purchases from the high-fashion designer house.

Every season, I cannot wait to see what Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi have created: two fashion geniuses that literally continue to produce amazing, functional pieces each season. Spring 2012 Milan Fashion Week is underway and thus I am literally in suspense, waiting for new collections to debut. When I devoured and digested the looks from Fendi’s Spring 2012 collection this morning, I was surprised to see not one black model. I decided to do research.

Fendi has not shown a model of color since Fall 2010 and when the brand did, only one was cast: Liu Wen in two looks. That was only one year ago, but fashion does not work in the same way: that means that Fendi has not cast a model of color on the runway for four seasons. In Spring 2010, the cast was much more diverse with Tao Okamoto, Lyndsey Scott and Shu Pei Qin each being shown in two looks and Aminata Niaria in one.

So what gives Fendi? I cannot tell you how many times the brand is mentioned in a rap song and even just today Rihanna was seen rocking her beloved Fendi Clutch.

Is this all due to scheduling conflicts or is diversity something that has gotten away from this high-fashion brand?

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