Rachel Zoe Named A Handbag After the VP of Her Company, Mandana Dayani: Which Designer Would You Like To Name A Handbag After You?

The Rachel Zoe Project is back in all of its fabulous and fashionable glory. I haven’t missed an episode yet and each one is better than the last, giving us inside information on the industry, showing us beautiful fashions we’ve only seen on the runway and chronicling all the hilarious hijinks that Rachel experiences in her daily life.

A new character that we all were introduced to this season was the Vice President of Rachel Zoe Inc., Mandana Dayani. Take-charge, fashionable, gorgeous and on top of her game, Mandana has definitely become the favorite of many, so much so that I hope to see her in more episodes to come.

Rachel clearly cherishes Mandana and showed the love by naming one of the handbags in her collection after her. The Crocodile Embossed Mandana Satchel is gorgeous and chic: clearly an ode to the person who inspired it. Versatile and boasting the look of exotic skin in a rich chocolate brown, it really is a must-have piece for the season and one that I can wear today in my brown and leopard ensemble.

So which designer would you like to name a handbag after you? I personally would love an edgy yet feminine brand like Charlotte Olympia to design a clutch that bears my name. A woman can dream right?

Rachel Zoe’s Crocodile Embossed Mandana Satchel retails for $525. Visit www.neimanmarcus.com to purchase and www.rachelzoe.com for more information.

*Images courtesy of Getty.

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