Must-Have: lemlem’s Oxfords

Despite my affinity for all footwear heeled and wedged, sometimes I just need to throw on a pair of flats and go. This weekend, I wore flats only and it felt great and surprisingly refreshing.

Oxfords are my favorite kinds of flats as they add a little whimsy to every ensemble. lemlem is Liya Kebede’s fashion line, the name coming from the Amharic word meaning “to flourish or bloom”. The brand has just released its first collection of shoes.

The Asta and Rustic Oxfords are just what you need when your feet need a break, or when you’re going to a dance party or bbq and don’t feel like throwing on heels. The cotton upper of each pair is handwoven in Ethiopia, while the actual shoe is constructed in Guatemala. By wearing these, you will have a totally unique pair of shoes, with an international flair. They also give work to artisans in Liya’s native Ethiopia, as well as to artisans in Guatemala, thus you are also making a global impact just with your fashion choice. I love the subtle stripes and prints featured on the oxfords, which will be perfect for the transition between Summer and Fall.

lemlem’s Oxfords retail for $340. Visit to purchase.

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