Would You Buy Your Wedding Dress Online? Shopbop Thinks You Should

I think I can safely say that “Say Yes to the Dress” continually gets us all in a dress frenzy. To watch the soon-to-be brides try on gowns and then find the “one” is magical and real entertainment. The hunt for the perfect wedding dress is an age-old tradition that has turned into even more of an event with time.

With the advent of online shopping, some of our favorite online retailers are taking it to the next level and are creating bridal boutiques with wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, pieces for the honeymoon and so much more. Shopbop is one of the more popular sites to jump on the bandwagon and they offer a whole host of ideas for making that day special without having to leave the comfort of your home.

They just got in some of the most beautiful Reem Acra gowns that any woman would positively love. They are simple enough to look good on most body types and aren’t astronomically priced. This begs the question: would you buy your wedding dress online? I really don’t see why you cannot. You can buy it a size up just to be safe and alter the dress when it comes in. You will save yourself loads of time and the mystery really will be at an all-time high as you only have to show it to whomever you choose at your humble abode.

Visit www.shopbop.com to check out the wedding boutique as well as two of the Reem Acra gowns I love: the Flourish Gown ($5280) and the Virtue Gown ($2800).

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