Milan Fashion Week: Gucci Pre-Fall 2018

Few designers are resonating with global fashion lovers the way Gucci has since Alessandro Michele was placed at the helm of the iconic Italian fashion house. For the brand’s Pre-Fall 2018 collection, the raven-haired Creative Director was inspired by Italian film director, producer, film critic & screenwriter Dario Argento—known for his popular horror films in the 70’s and 80’s. Thus, Michele made Rome his backdrop for Gucci’s latest Pre-Fall collection, with models posing in some of the locations Argento used in his giallo films.

Beaded headdresses played alongside lace collared shirts and ladies who lunch-embellished jackets, while quirky trompe l’oeil blouses were juxtaposed against logo skirts.

Graphic sweatshirts were adorable, but certainly won’t be worth the hefty price tag: going for over a thousand dollars in the house’s current offerings. But it all played into Gucci’s appealing sense of layered-on whimsy: a ladylike coat over a red carpet-ready dress, anchored with scrunched socks and functional boots. Not for the faint of heart, but oh so cool if you can pull it off.

I have a bit of lust brewing for the assemblage’s leather tie thigh-highs: a good investment if the leather is stretchy and can accommodate women with curvy legs! As a native New Yorker, I also had quite the pull toward the appearance of Yankees fitted caps in the looks—a part of Michele’s collaboration with the MLB. Though my natural curls mean I either have to wash my hair and slick it back or straighten it to get a baseball cap on my head, I’m always going to rep for my hometown! With colorful stripes, a chic kimono suit, and logo-emblazoned pieces, I think this piece will singularly be a retail smash for the brand: especially if it has an accessible price point.

How much logo is too much? There is no limit according to Michele by looking at these wares. From tights to plaid jackets, there was absolutely no question which brand’s designs you were looking at.

Does it make me basic for loving floral print? I loved the way Michele used the classic pattern on shoulder bags, rain jackets, bombers, and scarf-inspired dresses.

Most fashion-forward celebrities have either worn Gucci on the red carpet or want to: Jada Pinkett Smith, Lana Del Rey, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Kim Kardashian are just a handful. And with awards season ramping up in a matter of weeks, it’s no surprise that Michele created some real best dressed list contenders for Pre-Fall. An ethereal floral ruffle gown would be perfect for a glitzy after party with the addition of a thigh-high slit and a one-shoulder velvet frock with an embellished bra would be the right fit for Hollywood’s most daring fashionistas.

And tailoring was also a focus throughout: another kind of look that has been getting major red carpet wear this year. An electric blue belted duo felt retro in the best way possible with a matching headpiece and socks layered under ankle-strap sandals, while a striped duo looked like it was picked right out of Harry Styles’s closet.

It was also quite nice of Michele and team to present the ensembles in some very real-life situations. Languidly hanging by the bar, about to give a rousing speech, perfecting an Instagram-worthy pose, about to check-in to a hotel—draping yourself in head-to-toe Gucci may not be possible, but at least you know where, when, and how to do it if the opportunity presents itself.

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