Four Shows to Binge Watch Over Your Holiday Break

There are few things I love doing more than binge-watching a show—hello, this is why Netflix is so popular! And though I don’t have Netflix (I know, what a travesty), there are plenty of shows to indulge in on cable, Hulu, and YouTube. I have my personal favorites and I myself need to do some catching up on these series! So here, four six shows worth getting hooked on this holiday break. Thank me later!


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The only 👸 I know.

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I’ve been crazy for this series since it aired back in March 2013. I actually really need to binge on this because I haven’t seen much of the last season. And now that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is on the show, how can anyone resist? I’m a huge history buff, so though the show is fictional, it’s an absolute obsession. I don’t think Vikings come up when it comes to beauty inspirations either—the whole pillaging and plundering was quite the monstrous act—but the braids on this show…they’ve given me more ideas than I can count.


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Melissa and Cooper, hard at work. #TWD

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I’m truly hoping the Zombieapocalypse never goes down, but if it does, I’m prepared because of watching this entire series. Michonne’s badass-ery and always flawless locs, Rick’s just…everything, Jerry’s…everything—there’s a lot to love.


If you haven’t watched GoT yet, then people would probably compare you to me & the fact that I don’t have Netflix! You’ll get instantly hooked on these episodes. And by the time you get to my personal favorite, The Night King, you’ll hardly be able to talk about anything else.


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Scenes from S2 E6: The Right Hook.

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This series just got renewed for a third season and it’s so exciting! So happy to see Ashley Judd back on the big screen, Keke Palmer is doing some of her best acting yet, and the fate of Rhys Ifan’s character…you’ll have to tune in to see.

What shows will you be indulging in before 2018?

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