Inspiration: Tinashe by Petra Collins for Juicy Couture for Urban Outfitters

If you weren’t fawning over Juicy Couture when you were in high school, then I really would like to know what you were up to during those formative years! The brand has had a high-fashion resurgence of late—thank you Vetements—though many would argue it never really lost its standing with the velour-loving set.


Once I started in college, I became obsessed with Urban Outfitters: the bargain basement in Boston’s Harvard Square store was a go-to for me almost weekly. Thus, news of UO and Juicy Couture collaborating has literally taken me back no less than a decade, to the times I couldn’t wait to slip into anything either brand sold.


And their partnership has a gorgeous and talented face at the helm: none other than entertainer Tinashe. She poses in all of the limited-edition pieces, from velour stirrup leggings in fire engine red to logo hoodie dresses in the same fiery hue.


Prices range from $39 to $199, so there truly will be something for everyone. I don’t remember anything from Juicy being inexpensive—save for a cotton t-shirt—so it’s nice that young women and men will be able to afford more pieces than I could (or really more than my mother could) as a teen!


No word on exactly when the collaboration will be up for grabs, so stay tuned! I might be a bit too old for Juicy, but…I’m definitely going to at least take a look based on these amazing photos.


*Images courtesy of Teen Vogue.

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