Who Wore Equipment’s Striped Sophie Blouse Best? Model Chrissy Teigen On Her Blog So Delushious or Rachel Bilson on Hart of Dixie

You might have seen Chrissy Teigen around in your favorite magazines, modeling ensembles for your favorite websites and on the arm of her hunky boyfriend, John Legend. She isn’t just a pretty face: she has an amazing food blog called So Delushious which features amazing recipes and hilarious banter.

In one of her latest posts in which she gives us the formula for Baked Snapper with Garlic-chili Sauce, Chrissy snapped herself in the kitchen cooking it up in Equipment’s Striped Sophie Blouse. I wouldn’t be caught dead cooking in anything from Equipment (I’m clumsy and the brand’s silk shirts are just too precious), but when you’re a model with amazing access to the world’s greatest clothing, you can do things like that.

Rachel Bilson also rocked the same blouse on her television show “Hart of Dixie” this week. Both she and Chrissy paired it with shorts, showing us that great minds do indeed think alike.

So who wore it best? Chrissy in her kitchen or Rachel on our television screens? Discuss!

Equipment’s Striped Sophie Blouse retails for $303. Visit www.farfetch.com to purchase and www.equipmentfr.com for more information.

*Images courtesy of So Delushious and The CW.


  1. catvoncat

    Chrissy. Totally Chrissy. Rachel Bilson is adorable, but I don’t like the way the black cami under the blouse breaks up the stripes, and the elastic-waist shorts are just NO.

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