Get Your Euros in Order For Spring 2012 Paris Fashion Week with Carven’s Small Wallet

Believe it or not, Spring 2012 Paris Fashion Week is just three weeks away, even though New York Fashion Week just began. I would love to visit Paris again to attend some fashion shows as well as eat, drink and be merry like I did earlier this year in March.

Since I believe that I am slightly parisienne at heart, I of course love my high-fashion French accessories. Right now, I am rocking my Lanvin Satin Tote and my coveted Balenciaga wallet, but the latter has taken quite a beating. I am in the market for a new portefeuille and I think “It” brand Carven has just the style for me.

Yellow is my favorite color and the Small Wallet will serve as a beacon of light this Fall when the weather gets cold and dreary. Your wallet always needs to be an investment piece because it holds your valuables and it would be too unfortunate if it happened to collapse, spilling your hard-earned money and cards for someone else to retrieve. You also use your wallet every second of everyday, so the price you spend really is minute compared to the wear you get out of it.

Carven’s Small Wallet retails for $270. Visit to purchase.

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