Loving Kate Bosworth’s New Turquoise Tips Plus Her in Missoni Fall 2011, Isabel Marant’s Poppy Suede Pumps And Chanel At A Coldplay Concert At UCLA in Los Angeles

Now that my curly afro is in full gear, I have been considering getting a brightly colored streak to give my hair even more of an edge. I have considered everything from green to orange, despite the barrage of “nos” that my friends have given. You only live once right?

Kate Bosworth is giving me the inspiration to do it. She was seen at a Coldplay concert at UCLA in Los Angeles rocking turquoise tips. I have never thought of Kate as an edgy girl, but this totally gives her some cool points in my book and I wonder if her ensembles are going to reflect her new hair decision. It is also totally possible that she just changed her hair for a role, but I would love to think otherwise.

On the sartorial front, she went for high-fashion as usual: a sheer floral print blouse from Missoni’s Fall 2011 collection, cropped cream pants and Poppy Suede Pumps from Isabel Marant in beige. She sported a small white Chanel shoulder bag to finish off the look. I love the ensemble and think it is perfect to wear now, but also great to try for Fall, if you want to throw on a blazer or light-colored leather over it.

Visit www.missoni.com for more information.

*Images courtesy of Flynetpictures.com.

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