Solange Knowles for Rimmel London’s Fall 2011 Campaign And My Top Three Beauty Essentials for June

Solange is really making a great name for herself and has landed a role as the face of Rimmel London’s Fall 2011 campaign. She is an absolute stunner and this comes as no surprise as she is also the face of Carol’s Daughter’s new advertising campaign.

Rimmel London chatted with Solange about beauty, her newfound position as a rolemodel, what London means to her and so much more. See excerpts from her interview below:

Q: What’s your number one beauty tip?

Be healthy, be happy, be beautiful, be whole-heartedly you!

Q: Now you are the face of Rimmel, how do you feel about so many women looking up to you as a role model?

I am very careful of ever putting the role model tag on my shoulders. I am human and I am expected to have imperfections and make mistakes. However, if there are positive things I do that inspire or influence people I feel like my purpose as a person is that much more fulfilled. When I announced my role with Rimmel, I felt really proud to see such a positive response especially being that I represent someone of color, a single mom, an artist…and that I don’t have to compromise my views to do so!

Q: Complete the sentence; “London is …

…the first place I visited in Europe when I was 10. My life was changed. London is one of the most inspiring places in the world…A beautiful melting pot of cultures, styles, and backgrounds. I always feel alive in London, there’s always an adventure in London and some of the most unique and exciting people you will meet!

Black women are one of the largest demographics of consumers when it comes to beauty and making Solange a face for Fall is really going to open up the brand to a whole new set of women. Solange is such a risktaker and the images above portray that, giving us all some ideas to try out in the coming months. Below are my three June beauty essentials.

When summer rolls around, I want a light fruity scent that I can wear for any occasion. Marc Jacobs’ Daisy So Fresh ($70-$85) is perfect. Deodorant should only be smelled, not seen. L’Occitane’s Purifying Roll-on Deodorant ($16) goes on easy and smells like heaven. I don’t really wear too much makeup, but when I do, I love going for bright eye colors. Nars’ Trio Eyeshadow in Cap Ferrat ($45) is just what you need to go bold for summer.

Visit for more information.

*Image courtesy of Coco & Creme.

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