Nicholas Kirkwood’s Couture Shoe Collection Dedicated to Keith Haring

Nicholas Kirkwood creates some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring shoes in the fashion industry. His pieces truly are works of art and though pricey are well worth it if you can snag a pair. His latest venture is a collection of couture shoes dedicated to 1980’s artist, Keith Haring.

When you think about artists who have inspired street culture and fashion, Haring is high atop that list. He garnered major attention with his chalk drawings in the subways of New York City. The “radiant baby” became his signature and like good friend Andy Warhol, his popularity after his death has almost surpassed that of when he was alive. Madonna was one of his friends as well and he dressed her on several occasions, when she was decked out in a pink wig long before the days of Nicki Minaj. Haring painted Grace Jones’ body for her music video, “I’m Not Perfect” and created advertising images for famed brands Absolut and Swatch. His own pieces influenced by Coca-Cola and Lucky Strike are some of his most popular.

Not only was Haring an artist, but he was an activist as well. His works addressed issues including AIDS awareness, anti-Apartheid and the crack cocaine epidemic. AIDS was a particularly important subject to him as he was diagnosed with it in 1988 and died from it just two years later.

Kirkwood’s pieces bring to life Haring’s vibrant and over the top designs. The shoes are adorned in Swarovski crystals and feature everything from roller skates to peep-toe booties.

The colors are eye-catching and messages including love and safe sex are promoted on the pieces, which really takes the term “statement-making accessories” to another level. If a celebrity gets to wear them someday, I can totally see Lady Gaga or Grace Jones strutting around in the shoes.

The collection will only be available for us all to gaze at until July 1st at Nicholas Kirkwood’s London boutique.

Visit for more information and see more pieces from the collection below.

*Images courtesy of FashionBombDaily.

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