Big Little Lies Just Got a Second Season! Here’s Why I’m Excited

The news I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived: Big Little Lies is getting a second season! No seriously, I even went as far as to track down HBO in Beijing when I was there for a layover in March to find the series. I’m a big fan and it’s serious.

Though production won’t begin until some point between March and August of next year, it’s just good to know things are rolling. Here are four reasons why I’m excited for the new season:


With new director Andrea Arnold at the helm, the series is a veritable girl power explosion. The entire plot revolves around women, motherhood, and friendship, with some of the best (and my favorite) actresses in the game. It couldn’t be more needed from a cultural POV right now and it surely is good for my feminist spirit.


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So you’re saying there’s a season two ? #biglittlelies

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When your mother is Lisa Bonet and your dad is Lenny Kravitz, is there really any other outcome than being an effortlessly cool dynamo? I’m excited to see where her character, Bonnie goes in the new season: that is if she returns! A boho black girl gracing my screen weekly? Oh, I’ll take it.


Vulture has reported that auditions for four new characters are underway, so of course I’m now wondering who they’ll be. The show is already so jam-packed with drama that my head is spinning with delight at the idea that there will be even more for the second season.


If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love TV. I work a lot (and love to and sometimes my work is about television), so slipping into my favorite sweatshirt and watching an old fave or a new series I can’t get enough of always feels like an escape. I know it’s often referred to as an “idiot box”, but I don’t think there’s anything idiotic about it. You can learn a lot by watching tv, whether real or fiction—much in the same way you learn loads when reading books. Though there’s nothing like getting out into the world and having amazing experiences, you’d be surprised just how much television can inspire you to get out and see more of the world…not less!

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