Inspiration: Kate Moss by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris April 2013

It’s always magic when Kate Moss and Mario Testino get together and the photographer captured the supermodel for Vogue Paris’s April 2013 issue.

Orlando Pita styled Kate’s coiffure and Tom Pecheux added his touch for makeup.

Visit for more information and see the rest of Kate’s fashion spread below.

kate-moss-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-paris-april-2013-10 kate-moss-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-paris-april-2013-11 kate-moss-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-paris-april-2013 kate-moss-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-paris-april-2013-1 kate-moss-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-paris-april-2013-2 kate-moss-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-paris-april-2013-3 kate-moss-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-paris-april-2013-4 kate-moss-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-paris-april-2013-5 kate-moss-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-paris-april-2013-6 kate-moss-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-paris-april-2013-7 kate-moss-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-paris-april-2013-8 kate-moss-by-mario-testino-for-vogue-paris-april-2013-9

*Images courtesy of Beauty Is Diverse.

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