Inspiration: Gwyneth Paltrow by Matt Jones for SELF April 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow graces the cover of SELF’s April 2013 issue. Read excerpts from the article below.

“You’re not learning anything unless you’re having the difficult conversations. Dealing with things directly changed my relationships. Sometimes when you get clear about who you are, others get less comfortable because they liked who you were. It’s changed my marriage, too, but he’s up for the challenge.”


“Life is about balance. It’s good to work in healthy food, whether it’s five days a week or five meals a week. And if you’re going to do it, it should be awesome food you’re psyched to make. But never cut out the brownies or the wine.”


Visit for more information and see the rest of Gwyneth’s fashion spread below, shot by Matt Jones.

gwyneth-paltrow-by-matt-jones-for-self-april-2013-3 gwyneth-paltrow-by-matt-jones-for-self-april-2013-2

*Images courtesy of Celebrity Gossip.

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