Inspiration: Carlo Pazolini’s Spring 2013 Lookbook and Campaign Starring Caroline Murphy

The Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport, NY provides the backdrop for Carlo Pazolini’s Spring 2013 campaign, starring Caroline Murphy. The brand is working on US expansion, having opened 10 stores stateside since their debut in Fall 2011, as well as having plans to open five stores in 2013: with a number of doors in NYC including the Meatpacking District.

Visit for more information and see the rest of the campaign, shot by Mikael Jansson, as well as the brand’s Spring 2013 lookbook.

caroline-murphy-by-mikael-jansson-for-carlo-pazolinis-spring-2013-campaign-3 caroline-murphy-by-mikael-jansson-for-carlo-pazolinis-spring-2013-campaign-4 caroline-murphy-by-mikael-jansson-for-carlo-pazolinis-spring-2013-campaign caroline-murphy-by-mikael-jansson-for-carlo-pazolinis-spring-2013-campaign-1 caroline-murphy-by-mikael-jansson-for-carlo-pazolinis-spring-2013-campaign-2

carlo-pazolini-spring-2013-lookbook carlo-pazolini-spring-2013-lookbook-1 carlo-pazolini-spring-2013-lookbook-2 carlo-pazolini-spring-2013-lookbook-3 carlo-pazolini-spring-2013-lookbook-4 carlo-pazolini-spring-2013-lookbook-5 carlo-pazolini-spring-2013-lookbook-6 carlo-pazolini-spring-2013-lookbook-7 carlo-pazolini-spring-2013-lookbook-8 carlo-pazolini-spring-2013-lookbook-9 carlo-pazolini-spring-2013-lookbook-10 carlo-pazolini-spring-2013-lookbook-11 carlo-pazolini-spring-2013-lookbook-12 carlo-pazolini-spring-2013-lookbook-13 carlo-pazolini-spring-2013-lookbook-14

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