Inspiration: Hye Seung and Jin Zhou by Benjamin Kanarek for VOGUE China February 2013

Hye Seung and Jin Zhou star in “Tender Skin” for VOGUE China February 2013. Stylist Marine Braunchsvig gives leather and suede a fresh and modern spin for Spring 2013 with pieces by Balmain, Burberry, Acne, Balenciaga, and more.

Visit for more information and see the rest of fashion spread below, shot by Benjamin Kanarek.

hye-seung-and-jin-zhou-by-benjamin-kanarek-for-vogue-china-february-2013 hye-seung-and-jin-zhou-by-benjamin-kanarek-for-vogue-china-february-2013-1 hye-seung-and-jin-zhou-by-benjamin-kanarek-for-vogue-china-february-2013-2 hye-seung-and-jin-zhou-by-benjamin-kanarek-for-vogue-china-february-2013-3 hye-seung-and-jin-zhou-by-benjamin-kanarek-for-vogue-china-february-2013-4 hye-seung-and-jin-zhou-by-benjamin-kanarek-for-vogue-china-february-2013-5 hye-seung-and-jin-zhou-by-benjamin-kanarek-for-vogue-china-february-2013-6

*Images courtesy of Benjamin Kanarek.

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