Couture Fashion Week: Iris Van Herpen Spring 2013

Iris Van Herpen has long been one of my favorite designers and is without a doubt one of the most avant-garde. Her latest Couture collection for the Spring 2013 season is right in line with what she does best: expert craftsmanship and original, futuristic-tinged design.


Van Herpen takes inspiration from her childhood fantasies where she dreamed of discovering a way to recreate lightning and harness the power to control it. The runway included a sculpture that featured a lightning bolt in its center, blatantly capturing the influence. As she is accustomed to doing, Van Herpen breaks new ground and creates the first-ever 3-D printed dresses that are actually pliable.

iris-van-herpen-couture-spring-2013-9 iris-van-herpen-couture-spring-2013-10 iris-van-herpen-couture-spring-2013-6 iris-van-herpen-couture-spring-2013-7 iris-van-herpen-couture-spring-2013-8

Visit for more information.

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