Inspiration: Julia Nobis by Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent’s Spring 2013 Ad Campaign

The buzz behind Hedi Slimane’s first Saint Laurent collection was palpable and now the images of the fashion house’s Spring 2013 ad campaign have been released. Starring Julia Nobis, the images capture the romance and dark glamour of the designs.

Visit for more information and see the rest of the campaign below, shot by Hedi Slimane.

julia-nobis-by-hedi-slimane-for-saint-laurents-spring-2013-ad-campaign julia-nobis-by-hedi-slimane-for-saint-laurents-spring-2013-ad-campaign-1 julia-nobis-by-hedi-slimane-for-saint-laurents-spring-2013-ad-campaign-2 julia-nobis-by-hedi-slimane-for-saint-laurents-spring-2013-ad-campaign-3 julia-nobis-by-hedi-slimane-for-saint-laurents-spring-2013-ad-campaign-4 julia-nobis-by-hedi-slimane-for-saint-laurents-spring-2013-ad-campaign-5 julia-nobis-by-hedi-slimane-for-saint-laurents-spring-2013-ad-campaign-6 julia-nobis-by-hedi-slimane-for-saint-laurents-spring-2013-ad-campaign-7 julia-nobis-by-hedi-slimane-for-saint-laurents-spring-2013-ad-campaign-8 julia-nobis-by-hedi-slimane-for-saint-laurents-spring-2013-ad-campaign-9

*Images courtesy of Stylecaster.

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