Inspiration: Alice Dellal by Natalia Alaverdian for Harper’s Bazaar Russia January 2013

What better way to start the new year than with a fashion spread from Alice Dellal, all in Chanel? The eccentric model is featured in Harper’s Bazaar Russia’s January 2013 issue.

Visit for more information and see Alice’s fashion spread below, shot and styled by Natalia Alaverdian.

alice-dellal-by-natalia-alaverdian-for-harpers-bazaar-russia-january-2013 alice-dellal-by-natalia-alaverdian-for-harpers-bazaar-russia-january-2013-1 alice-dellal-by-natalia-alaverdian-for-harpers-bazaar-russia-january-2013-2 alice-dellal-by-natalia-alaverdian-for-harpers-bazaar-russia-january-2013-3 alice-dellal-by-natalia-alaverdian-for-harpers-bazaar-russia-january-2013-4 alice-dellal-by-natalia-alaverdian-for-harpers-bazaar-russia-january-2013-5 alice-dellal-by-natalia-alaverdian-for-harpers-bazaar-russia-january-2013-6 alice-dellal-by-natalia-alaverdian-for-harpers-bazaar-russia-january-2013-7 alice-dellal-by-natalia-alaverdian-for-harpers-bazaar-russia-january-2013-8 alice-dellal-by-natalia-alaverdian-for-harpers-bazaar-russia-january-2013-9

*Images courtesy of RDuJour.

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