Must-Have: Cuyana’s Argentina Collection

Shopping is often a weekly ritual for me, thus I love to branch out from the season’s designer pieces and buy products that have a great story and really make a global impact. Cuyana is a company whose designs are really making a difference by using sustainable materials and empowering and giving back to the communities in which the pieces are made. Cuyana means “to love” in Quechua, the traditional language of the Andean tribes, thus you can guess that the brand has a large focus on South America and hopes to bring more understanding of the passion and talent that is pulsing through the continent.

Cuyana’s latest destination is Argentina, where the brand collaborated with designer Marina Massone. Jewelry in the collection takes on organic shapes in bronze and gold plating and the offerings’ knit scarves, shawls and ponchos are crafted from the soft, billowy undercoat of llama wool.

The cape is really quite luxurious for such an affordable price and is  made from wool taken from eco-friendy Merino sheep which produce some of the finest and softest wool on the planet. Did you know that “merino” came from the name of the kind of sheep? I had no idea! I love learning through fashion.

The collection’s handbags are made from the finest leather in Argentina. We all brag about Italian leather, but Argentina’s is also some of the world’s softest.

Cuyana’s Argentina Collection retails for $40 – $295. Visit to start shopping now and check out some more amazing images of the collection’s pieces.

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