Inspiration: Ben Affleck by Mark Seliger for DETAILS October 2012

Ben Affleck’s new film, Argo, hits theaters in about a month and I am definitely excited to see it! Kicking off promotion for the movie, he is on the cover of the October 2012 issue of DETAILS.

Check out what he says about directing another film:

“I’d like to find another movie to do this fall. Or if not, not. Because I’m gonna whistle-stop this movie. Between Europe and here, it’ll be two months of promotion. Which I would never do if I just acted in a movie. But if you direct, you’ll basically do anything. It’ll be exhausting, but there’s a lot to talk about. Politics, Hollywood, history, the seventies, seventies movies! It’s not just ‘Do you remember your first kiss?'”

Visit for more information and see Ben’s fashion spread below, shot by Mark Seliger.

*Images courtesy of Celebrity Gossip.

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