How I Wore: Spitfire’s Anglo 2 Sunglasses and JewelMint’s Houdini Bracelets

A little known fact about me: I buy sunglasses religiously. They either get lost in one of my many handbags, scratched or broken, or I simply just want to indulge in a new pair.

Another thing I often do is leave my many pairs at home, thus I decided to hunt down a cheap pair after brunch with a friend at The Sunburnt Cow in Brooklyn, in order to survive the day. Not more than a block away was a cute little boutique on Vanderbilt Avenue and we both immediately gravitated toward Spitfire’s Anglo 2 Sunglasses. Naturally, I paired them with some of my favorite bracelets in the world from one of my favorite jewelry brands in the world: JewelMint’s Houdini Bracelets.

The sunglasses are absolutely adorable, boasting a retro-inspired shape, gold and black frames, and dark green lenses. The bracelets are both naughty and nice: a fun spin on a pair of handcuffs which are perfect for everyday wear.

Click to shop the sunglasses and bracelets below:

I paired them with a Stella McCartney ruffle-hem top, earrings from an amazing African boutique in my area, my yellow gel mani, a Paranee Ongwat ring, Roberto Cavalli Snake Cuff and you can see the strap of my Chanel bag making an appearance.

Spitfire’s Anglo 2 Sunglasses retail for $39 and JewelMint’s Houdini Bracelets for $29.99, though the latter currently have a waitlist. Visit and to purchase.

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