Make a Difference Today and Support Pop’Africana Magazine’s Kickstarter Campaign

I have been a huge fan of Pop’Africana Magazine for some time, as well as Oroma Elewa’s style. She started the publication in 2009, looking to present a new perspective on African beauty, culture and style.

Oroma is now looking to raise some funds to continue creating issues of Pop’Africana and its amazing content. Read some words below on why you should support from Oroma and some visual images to make you aware of the great work the magazine has already produced.

Why You Should Help

1. Bridging the Gap. “The global African community does not have many reputable magazines that eloquently showcase the lifestyles, beauties and cultural diversity of contemporary Africa and of the African. My magazine’s niche has always been in moving away from clichéd conceptions of the ‘African’.  Instead I take pride in presenting the African as an individual and accurately documenting contemporary experiences, ideas and endeavor.”

2. The Industry.  “Pop’Africana is monumental to the growth of Africa’s emerging creative industry. Keeping it alive means giving its creatives and thinkers a platform to reach and impact the world.  In fashion today, Pop’Africana represents a fresh perspective, serving as a very important tool in the re-branding of the African image.”

3. The Time is Now. “This is the magazine you’ve all been waiting for. The history of Pop’Africana, and the work that I have presented to you for over the past two years in print and on the web, shows that without a doubt it has the potential to be a successful magazine on a global scale.”

Visit to donate to Pop’Africana now until July 4th at 5pm.

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