Inspiration: Ulla Johnson’s India Travel Diary

We often see sketches of what a designer has in mind for his or her collection or perhaps some behind the scenes looks in the studio, but rarely do we get to take the voyage with a designer and see the inspiration up close and personal.

Ulla Johnson is giving us a look into her recent trip to India and the prints, patterns and hues that are going into her next collection. I haven’t yet traveled to India yet, but Ulla’s pictures have definitely sparked my interest! Last month, she shared her travel diary to St. John.

Visit for more information and see her travel diary below.

Gypsy dancers outside the craft market – their skirts were covered in mirrors and they had golden coins framing their faces
A craftsman from Gujurat – I bought the most amazing hand embroidery from him and how cool is his look?
I took this woman’s picture twice. She wanted to see after I took the first super serious one and then she was so excited. She smiled for me!

Block printed sari fabrics - so traditional and beautiful.
A paper tree – what an amazing riot of color
My spring shibori fabric, back from dying in the sun. Each piece is individually hand-knotted and dyed.
A sewer working on pintucks – loving his mustard vest and stripe.

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