Adele in Burberry at the 2012 BRIT Awards

Adele is one of my absolute favorite songstresses and after her big night at the 2012 Grammy Awards, I cannot wait to see what she walks away with at the 2012 BRIT Awards.

On the red carpet for the event, she rocked a black gown from Burberry, fully equipped with sheer sleeves and an embellished neckline. She kept her makeup fresh and rocked a very similar hairstyle to the one she wore at the Grammy Awards. This is just a flawless look and I hope that she is ushering in a time when women can be sophisticated and elegant, not having to show skin just to be thought of as sexy and beautiful.

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*Images courtesy of Getty

One Comment

  1. Clearing Preppy's Name.

    Adele looks nice, but a tend dreary for the Britt Awards in my personal opinion. Also, a disappointment on Burberry’s part because I have seen a midi length dress of similar characteristics in k-mart. Burberry should not be compared to kmart. A singer as wonderful and fresh as Adele, looking for a soul mate and whatever else, should have been framed in a more vibrant light and I believe that just because she is a heavier set women (which I appreciate don’t get me wrong) does not mean she shouldn’t show more skin.
    Just some thoughts.

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