Must-Have: Minor Obsessions Jewelry

We are in the middle of gifting season: when figuring out what your loved ones are wishing for is of the utmost importance. Few things are better for this time of the year than jewelry. I don’t mean “break the bank” diamonds or statement jewelry, but delicate pieces with meaning that can be worn everyday.

Minor Obsessions is the lower-priced line of fine jewelry brand, Finn. It was started last year with gifting as well as treating yourself in mind. All of the pieces are handmade in New York City, making each one truly unique. Symbols are the foundation of the designs from stars to horseshoes and have a significant, personal meaning to their wearers. Precious stones are also used including diamonds, rubies, sapphires and much more.

These are the perfect gifts for your loved ones, as well as for yourself. You will definitely get your wear out of them.

The Minor Obsessions collection retails for $75 – $760. Visit and to purchase. See some of my favorite styles below.

Diamond Star Stud Earrings ($240). Peace Necklace ($315).

Horse Shoe Bracelet ($75). Diamond Heart Stud Earrings ($240).

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