Get Custom Name Jewelry at Patricia Field: Inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s Carrie Necklace on Sex and the City

Which fashion-obsessed, Sex and the City loving woman wasn’t searching high and low for a name necklace after seeing Carrie Bradshaw rock one? I had mine long before the show aired, as name jewelry was like a rite of passage for anyone into urban and street style, but Carrie made it visible to a whole new set of fashionistas. The genius behind the piece: Patricia Field.

I can watch Sex and the City episodes now in even more awe because I can truly see the wealth of sources that Patricia Field pulled from in order to create a certain look. From statement high-fashion separates to 80’s street style, the references are endless and all came together on Carrie Bradshaw, who always looked so unique and cutting edge.

You can now own your every own custom name jewelry. From a Nameplate Necklace ($270) to a Nameplate Pinky Ring ($320), Patricia Field offers a number of styles. Yes, you might be able to find custom name jewelry at cheaper prices, but at Patricia Field, you will never have to worry about quality. Spending less for designs like these might be great initially, but with wear, the designs will tarnish and will have to be purchased again. You can also add diamonds to the designs, for a little extra bling.

My personal pick is the Arabic Nameplate Necklace ($270). I minored in the language in college and I am always looking for ways to show my love for it. This is the perfect piece.

Patricia Field’s Custom Name Jewelry retails for $120 – $520. Visit to purchase and see more designs below.

*Images courtesy of HBO and Patricia Field.

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