Holy Land: The Fall 2011 Campaign Debuting Lindsey Thornburg’s Capsule Collection for Reformation

I last featured Reformation back in July, when the brand created its Reformed Renewal line for Urban Outfitters. Now it is collaborating with “Cloak Queen” Lindsey Thornburg on a 10-piece capsule collection.

Creative Director and Reformation Owner, Yael Aflalo, has been friends with Lindsey for years and a design project was always something they wanted to create together. Vintage is a love that both share and thus this capsule collection was such a great fit.

“I respect lending my ideas to a company like Reformation. The women behind this company are extremely smart, resourceful and talented. They’ve come full circle in the fashion world and know first-hand how important it is to utilize US factories and dead stock fabric. They’ve built a business that gives their patrons the best trends at affordable prices, without overseas production. Each piece feels unique and personalized.” – Lindsey Thornburg

Holy Land, which is the name of the Fall 2011 campaign for the capsule collection, was shot in an abandoned religious amusement park  which was built in the 1950’s. Kind of cool and kind of creepy simultaneously. Olivia Malone was behind the lens as the photographer and Lindsey took control of the campaign’s art direction. The inspiration for it all came from a Bruce Weber photograph and the campaign really took on a life of its own, blending a bit of goth, 1950’s photography style and 90’s fashion.

The collection has a wide range of silhouettes including a velvet baby doll dress (Kelly), black stretch lace shorts (Rita), a long lace skirt (Harlow), a hooded wool cloak (Lindsey) and so much more. Definitely must-have pieces for the season that will allow you to stand out in any crowd and which will also give your closet a bit of romance and edge.

Lindsey Thornburg’s Capsule Collection for Reformation retails for $135 – $605. Visit www.thereformation.us and www.lindseythornburg.com for more information. See more images from the campaign below.

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