Paris Fashion Week: Hermès Spring 2012

The name Hermès is synonymous with luxury and an international, jetsetting lifestyle. Travel is such a key component to the brand and its clientele, thus it would only be natural for Christophe Lemaire to be inspired by these global pursuits for the Spring 2012 collection. Getting your hands on a Hermès piece is like winning the lottery (in fashion terms) and each season, the brand continues to make us all covet its collection with a seamless blend of tradition, history and modernity.

The opening looks of the collection channeled the purity and freshness of Spring in all ivory. They were very simple and minimalist in nature and that carried through the whole collection. When color came in, it was an explosion of bright and rich hues including a deep coral hue on Tao Okamoto (shown above), rich tangerine-colored suede on Fatima Siad, Chiharu Okunugi’s cobalt blue look and so much more.

As for Fall, I always dream of coming across an amazing vintage or consignment Hermès piece that won’t require me offering up a limb, but it is such a rare occurrence. No one wants to give away their Hermès and I quite frankly do not blame them. Even if you do not own a horse or plan to do any riding in the future, the Jumping Boots ($2250) are sensational and are such an amazing lifelong pair of footwear to add to your wardrobe. I also adore the Victoria II Bag ($4525) which is a break from the Birkins that the wealthy fashionable set always have in hand.

Visit for more information and see more looks from the Spring 2012 collection below.

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