Must-See: Vidal Sassoon The Movie

No matter what shopping excursions, brunches or parties I might attend on weekends, I always make time to catch up on my favorite television shows and new films. I owe so much of my time to the creative geniuses who made On Demand and I thank them every week by indulging for hours.

Yesterday, I came across Vidal Sassoon The Movie. I surprisingly had not heard of its release before, though naturally I knew the legend of Mr. Sassoon, though not totally the extent of his influence. With such an amazing life and body of work, he quickly became an inspiration for me by the time the documentary was done, as well as the urge it gave me to want a really chic haircut.

Here are five reasons why you should see the film immediately:

1. The hair: If you thought Salt & Pepa or Rihanna created the funky asymmetrical haircut, you were wrong. Thank Vidal Sassoon for that. In the 1960’s, he revolutionized the hair industry with haircuts like the ones you see above and to the left on Grace Coddington (yes the Grace Coddington of Vogue), Nancy Kwan and Mary Quant.

2. A wealth of beauty history like you wouldn’t believe: I am always looking to find more information about the beauty industry, trying to get my knowledge of the field on par with my fashion prowess. There is so much knowledge in this documentary from cutting and styling techniques, to insider knowledge about some of the amazing people Vidal Sassoon has worked with.

3. The man: Vidal Sassoon has had the most amazing life, though he came from meager means. It is really the story of a self-made man whose career has lasted over half a century. At 83, he looks better than ever and is in way better shape than most twenty year-olds.

4. It shows the link between beauty and health: This is something that I need to practice more in my daily life. Being beautiful really isn’t just about your appearance. Yes, this sounds very cliché but it is really the truth. Mr. Sassoon gives so much knowledge about how taking care of your body and being healthy through exercise and good eating manifests itself in your outward appearance, as well as opening your mind and allowing you to focus.

5. Your hair should be a reflection of your personality. And it should be fun!: Mr. Sassoon took women out of their comfort zones and gave them haircuts that were edgy, yet easy to style. There’s a reason why every single person has different hair from the next: we aren’t all meant to wear our hair the same way! Not only that, but hair should be fun. It shouldn’t be a burden or a headache, but another extension of your personality and style.

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