Dwyane Wade for VMAN Fall 2011

The NBA lockout is still on, meaning that the next season which was supposed to start next month might not happen. This means that there are a lot of players twiddling their thumbs, waiting for some good news.

Dwyane Wade is not one of those players and he is using his downtime to make his mark in the fashion world. He was praised for his off the court style this year and now it seems that his fashionable ways have paid off, landing him a fashion spread in VMAN’s Fall 2011 issue titled “The Warrior”.

Though not sporting anything too flashy or totally out of character, I do love seeing a man wearing high-fashion pieces that aren’t of the norm. Dwyane rocks pieces from Jean Paul Gaultier, DSquared and more and I hope that he takes some fashion risks when he is seen out and about for the rest of the year. Who knows? Perhaps he’ll pose as a model if this NBA lockout isn’t lifted soon.

Visit www.vman.com for more information and see more images from Dwyane Wade’s fashion spread below.

*Images courtesy of VMAN and BeautyIsDiverse.com.

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