Jenna Lyons Is Obsessed With Solange Knowles and Solange Is Obsessed With J. Crew: Do I Smell a Collaboration?

At this current moment, it seems that fashion-minded women are going crazy for Jenna Lyons and Solange Knowles. Both have an innate sense of style that is a mix of high-fashion and vintage, opting for bright colors and prints, bucking fashion trends and all things “in”.

I too love both of their styles and use them for inspiration for everyday and for nights out. Coincidentally, it seems that both of these fashion mavens are obsessed with one another.

In an interview with Vogue UK, Jenna declared Solange and her son as two of her latest obsessions: “I also love Solange Knowles, she’s so cool – and her son! Oh! Solange Knowles and her little boy are my two new obsessions.” (Vogue UK)

Similarly, Solange stated that J.Crew is one of her new go-to brands: “J. Crew​–I’m obsessed.” (Fashionista)

Do I smell a collaboration? J.Crew hasn’t yet touched upon celebrity-designed collections, but this is the perfect time for the brand to start. Solange hasn’t done anything in the way of heavy design yet and I would love to see her try her hand at a few pieces. With Jenna’s guidance, the collection could be a hit. Some pieces from the current collection just scream Solange including the Double-cloth Townhouse Trench ($350) and the Café Capri in Floral Taffeta ($198).

And if not designing, then modeling for sure. Solange’s natural beauty could surely be perfect for the pages of J.Crew’s catalog, or even for some looks in the next collection.

Let’s hope this meeting of the fashionable minds comes to fruition next year.

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*Images courtesy of Getty.

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