Fallon Jewelry Puts A New And More Literal Spin On Retail Therapy With The Small ID Cuffs

Many of us shop out of need, but many more of us shop out of want and desire. When a bad mood comes on, shopping seems to be a cure, elevating our spirits and turning our hard-earned money into treasure. The practice of “retail therapy” is definitely real. I mean how could you be anything put happy looking down at the new fabulous shoes you purchased or looking in the mirror at the new lipstick you’re rocking?

Fallon Jewelry is giving us all a way to put a new and more literal spin on the idea of elevating our moods with shopping. Dana Lorenz is the brain behind the brand and she has created a new Therapy Collection, which features adjectives to describe your disposition. Like a new-age never-changing mood ring of sorts. There are of course the less fun adjectives like bored, unlovable, indifferent etc., but my favorites are those that are happy, including the Happy Cuff. Loved and Adored are also among my favorites in the collection and will serve as little pick-me-ups whenever you look down at your wrist. It is also a wonderful gift to bestow on a loved one, no matter what her style.

Fallon Jewelry’s Small ID Cuffs retail for $112. Visit www.shopbop.com to purchase and www.fallonjewelry.com for more information.

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