Must-Hear: Kanye West’s Rendition of Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black

Kanye West is definitely no stranger to emotion and I believe that his storytelling paired with his ability to translate his feelings into song is why he is one of the world’s most revered artists. He does also get himself into quite a bit of trouble for speaking his mind and going against the status quo, but I actually respect him for doing so, though sometimes holding back might have been in his best interest.

Though Kanye is gearing up for his Watch The Throne tour (which I will be attending by the way), he is also slated to debut a women’s collection at Spring 2012 New York Fashion Week, as well as most likely sitting front row at a number of shows. Another endeavor that is near and dear to his heart is the recent remake he did of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black”.  Though the audio for the song has not yet been released, a source had this to say about the track: “It’s pretty emotive. It’s Kanye singing from the heart – with synthesisers.” (The Daily Mirror)

Upon hearing that, I immediately thought of so many songs on his album, 808s & Heartbreak, which is one of my favorite albums of his to date (though not by popular opinion). Though a soul song in essence, I do believe that Kanye can do “Back to Black” justice and I know that he will bring something new to it altogether. He plans to perform the song at the 160th anniversary celebration in London for Moss Bros., which is a menswear heritage brand.

I personally cannot wait to hear the song. In case you need a little refresher, listen to Amy Winehouse’s version below.

*Image courtesy of The Daily Mirror’s website.


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