Lucy in Disguise: The New Clothing Line from Lily Allen and Her Sister Sarah Owen

I am an avid fan of vintage. There’s something about a piece from the past that really gives meaning to your wardrobe. What designers are creating now is fantastic, but everything comes from a source and it is nice to wear clothing as it was originally designed.

Songstress Lily Allen and her sister, Sarah Owen feel the same way that I do about vintage. So much so, that they opened their very own vintage shop in London named Lucy in Disguise. Now the duo has created a clothing line by the same name, inspired by the vintage designs that their shop holds. The pieces are totally feminine and classic from flirty floral frocks to nautical-inspired rompers.

Shopbop caught up with Lily and Sarah to discuss the line, their personal style and their work dynamic. Check out excerpts below.

Shopbop: How would you describe Lucy?
Sarah: Lucy is a true style queen, a time-traveling fashionista who follows her instincts, not just trends. Every girl wants to be her, and every boy wants to go out with her. Above all, she loves to dress up and explore different sides of her personality through the clothes she wears.

Lily: In the ’20s she was hanging out with Gatsby, in the ’60s she was on the back of the Rolling Stones’ tour bus, and in the ’70s she was at Studio 54 with Andy Warhol and Jerry Hall.

Shopbop: How is your personal style reflected in the collection?
Sarah: Pieces like The Roxy ($305) are exactly what you would be likely to find me in, dancing the night away. I love pieces that have a sexy and glamorous feel but are super comfortable (and forgiving) to wear!

Lily: I would wear the Haight and Ashbury ($240) all the time with jeans, as it’s a beautiful fabric and so wearable. But I can also definitely see myself in the Speakeasy at summer festivals—it’s perfect with a pair of Wellies!

Shopbop: Being sisters, you obviously know each other in a way that is very different from traditional business partners. How would you describe your work dynamic?
Sarah: We do often have to bite our lips, as it’s not always appropriate to bicker in the way we would if we were at home, but even though we can get into an argument more quickly than other business partners might, we also seem to get over it more easily.

Lily: We have different strengths, which makes the division of work relatively easy, but we’re really still evolving in terms of our business relationship. It’s a very new thing for us and we’ve had to adjust, which is exciting and strange at the same time.

Lucy in Disguise’s collection retails from $175-$630. Visit to purchase and for more information.

*Images courtesy of Shopbop and Lucy in Disguise.

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