Must-Have: Conscious Jewelry by Danna Weiss’ Stone Statement Necklaces

A beautiful statement necklace will last you a lifetime. They can put some flair into the most mundane ensemble and they will always start a conversation, making you the most watched woman in the room.

Danna Weiss has created a whole line full of statement necklaces and other jewelry named Conscious Jewelry. Each piece features stones whether they be carnelian or quartz. The designs are absolutely stunning and are particularly special because each piece has healing properties.

Stones have long been used to cure and fix bodily problems and that same energy is what Danna uses in her jewelry. They also serve to attract positivity, love, peace and happiness which any person regard of their circumstances needs more of.

The pieces are bold and do not just give your wardrobe a sense of power, but your being as well. In case you aren’t sure about which stones contain which properties, each necklace comes with cards explaining the metaphysical properties of the stones used.

Kirna Zabete has an exclusive collection of statement necklaces from Conscious Jewelry that I just cannot get enough of. They are all must-haves and are well worth it because they will truly make you feel good inside and out.

My favorite style is the Amazonite Necklace (shown above – $230). It will look perfect with everything from a white t-shirt to Halston Heritage’s Deep V Dolman Dress ($325). Amazonite is the stone of balance, calm and courage and soothes and alleviates worry, nerves and fear. Wear it everyday to go forth in peace or for days that you know will be particularly stressful at the office.

Conscious Jewelry’s statement necklaces retail for $190-$355. Visit to purchase and for more information.

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