If I Could Drive, I Would Choose Gucci’s Fiat 500

I have many skills, but driving is not one of them. I live in New York City and that is my excuse. One day, I will learn, but I will not dish out an estimated date.

If I could drive, I would definitely choose Gucci’s Fiat 500. No, a luxury car isn’t necessary (I’ve grown quite fond of the quirky appearance of Subaru Outbacks), but at least you would hope that it would be the finest example of a car if it is designed by such an established fashion brand. I also love the look of the car and it reminds me of the cute little vehicles that everyone drives in Paris. Natasha Poly makes the car look even better.

A woman can dream.

Visit www.gucci.com for more information.

*Images courtesy of RDuJour.

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