Must-Splurge: Adriana Fabiana Handbags

I love discovering new Latina designers to feature and it should be a more frequent occurrence considering the wealth of exotic skins and luxurious fabrics coming from those countries. Adriana Fabiana is a new luxury handbag collection, the namesake line of Adriana and Fabiana Gonzalez Di Bartolomeo.

The two beautiful sisters were born in the States, but raised in Guatemala and thus used their roots as inspiration to start their line, along with their love of fashion.  Their pieces are completely chic and classic, crafted from the best exotic skins and leathers and truly take luxury to a new level.

Like so many Latinas that I know, growing up in a developing country gave them the motivation and determination to strive for the best in life and thus helped them to cultivate a strong work ethic. Breaking into the luxury handbag business is no easy feat, thus it takes a strong skin and loads of passion.

Fabiana went to school at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and after graduating, she returned home to Guatemala to learn about the family business, as their father owns an ostrich farm. Adriana has a degree in entrepreneurship from Babson College, thus combined with Fabiana’s knowledge of exotic species, the match was perfect.

What I also love about Adriana Fabiana handbags is that they give back: a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each handbag helps to improve the quality of life in Guatemala, whether it be ecology, supporting biodiversity through their craftmanship, or the economy. Proceeds also go towards promoting entrepreneurship among rural women in Guatemala, training them in skills that will allow them to earn jobs so that they can provide for their families.

I can definitely see these handbags on the arms of Hollywood’s “It” girls and I am sure that women like Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez would love to wear them even more knowing the story of Adriana and Fabiana.

Visit for more information and see more styles from the line below.

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