The Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks Players Suit Up Off the Court During the 2011 NBA Finals

There’s nothing I love more than a man in a suit and working in Midtown Manhattan makes that love a reality. There aren’t many men who have real personal style and dress the part, thus I was surprised to see that some of the most dapper I’ve seen of late actually happen to be athletes.

Lebron James is known for his larger than life attitude and superb athletic ability, but he’s quite the style star in his own right. Vogue featured him on its cover, but he hasn’t stopped there. He was seen backstage getting ready for Game 3 of the NBA Finals in an amazing navy blue suit, paired with a kelly green tie and two-tone brogues. Such a fun way to spice up a suit and the green tie was such an unexpected, yet nice touch.

Teammates Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade also looked great, along with Dallas Mavericks point guard and NBA legend Jason Kidd. Bosh went for more of a tailored European cut with a slim-fitting eggplant blazer and a deep rose tie, paired with periwinkle trousers and grey suede shoes. Wade chose an all-grey suit paired with a white shirt and black shoes, which was completely relaxed and classic. Kidd instead went for a cream three-piece suit with a plaid tie.

I never thought that I would see the day when I would call athletes some of the most fashionable men I’ve seen all year, but they definitely deserve the title. I look forward to seeing what other looks they wear this year.

*Images courtesy of Fashion Bomb Daily and Stiletto Jill.

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