YSL Uses Model Marihenny Passible For Resort 2012 And Why Stefano Pilati Is Afraid of Bloggers

There is nothing more exciting for me than coming across a fresh-faced model of color that I have never seen before. As we all know, they are few and far between in fashion, thus the discoveries are really something of note. Marihenny Passible is one of my most recent discoveries. She gives me a young Naomi Campbell in so many ways.

The Dominican bombshell has beautiful caramel skin and amazing jet black hair. Stefano Pilati just used her on Yves Saint Laurent’s Resort 2012 runway, on which she was the only model of color. She wore a striped off the shoulder blouse with billowy sleeves, pleated high-waisted shorts cinched by a white belt and yellow suede pumps. The ensemble was completed with a red lip. I loved the look on her and it is definitely the perfect one to try now that summer is on its way.

Some other interesting news that I read was that Stefano Pilati is scared of bloggers. Like little old me? Well, I guess so.

“I pay attention to all of them and I’m very scared because who are these people? I would like to sit with them and ask them where they come from. Because it’s very easy to judge from your bed. At the same time, I’m fascinated. I’m fascinated by this era and this medium. If people are thirsty about fashion, I like to have a dialogue, but now it’s not a two-way dialogue; it’s a one-way dialogue.” (WWD)

I cannot completely blame Stefano (or should I call him Mr. Pilati?). A blog is extremely easy to obtain today and much of the commentary does not come from a place of knowledge or reverence, but just from loving pretty things and shopping. I have paid my dues as an intern and will continue to grind for success until my dying days (ok maybe not), but not all have such a passionate approach when it comes to fashion. I too am scared that bloggers are now overshadowing print editors (whom I revere as omniscient) and I do hope that we can all coexist forever and forever, never having to step on one another’s toes or wrestle for seats at fashion shows.

I think I can speak for us all in saying that we would love the chance to sit down with world-renowned designers like Stefano Pilati and others (Giambattista can see you this?), as I know we all have so much more to learn. Perhaps his comments are the start of a much-needed discussion. I will continue to watch his work no matter what as the YSL name has always and will always be important to me as well as the many other bloggers, editors, fashion freaks and ladies who lunch.

I do hope that he continues to use fresh faces like Marihenny Passible and other models of color in future advertising campaigns and runway shows as well.

Visit www.ysl.com for more information and see more images of Marihenny Passible below.

*Images courtesy of GoRunway.com and NewYorkModels.com.


  1. LDVBlog

    Interesting.. I think Mr. Pilati’s feelings towards bloggers are echoed amongst the whole fashion community — except for when a product or fashion line needs to be promoted but that’s another story. Many of these designers and fashion companies forget the publishing world caved 5 years ago and things will never ever be the same. Being that journalism is a creative industry many writers who have not given up on their dreams turned to blogging as a creative outlet. Just because you aren’t working somewhere getting paid does not discredit your skill or knowledge as a journalist. As far as opening up a space for dialogue I highly doubt the thousands of fashion bloggers on the web will be receiving an invitation to a private YSL dinner anytime soon.

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