Must-Read: Fashion Box by Antonio Mancinelli

We all have our favorite style icons both past and present. They have set trends, influenced the masses and inspired designers as muses for their collections. The phrase is used quite loosely today, with almost every new celebrity being deemed an icon, when we all know that wearing a few Chanel dresses on the red carpet does not a legend make.

When we think about style icons we also reference the classic pieces they made their own from Audrey Hepburn’s LBD to Sarah Jessica Parker’s Manolo Blahniks. Fashion Box by Antonio Mancinelli is giving us both, with his book that captures fashion’s most classic pieces and the women who wore them. Some of the great style essentials that are discussed are the trench coat, the white oxford shirt, the aforementioned LBD and so much more in the book’s 480 pages. Mancinelli also puts them into context and shows how some of Hollywood’s brightest stars of today are interpreting them. The book is a must-have for any fashion lover and will also give you a great set of outfit ideas for the rest of the year.

Fashion Box by Antonio Mancinelli retails for just $29.95, making it a great weekly treat or the perfect addition to your Mother’s Day Gift. Visit to purchase.

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