An Introduction

Urban Sybaris is a blog dedicated to life’s luxuries and pleasures. Fashion, accessories, beauty, books and so much more. Sybaris was an ancient Italian city known for its opulence and its citizens, the Sybarites were a people whose lifestyles were synonymous with prosperity and extravagance. Today, we use the word sybaritic, if you are trying to put it into a modern perspective. Urban because I’m a New York City girl at heart and can’t help but be influenced by all the grit and glamour of my hometown that is truly one of the best cities on the entire globe. Not that I’ll just be bringing you New York City haunts: I’m a traveling spirit and will feature events and so much more from Los Angeles, Milan, Paris and the world’s other fantastic cities. There will also be exclusive interviews, videos, and mostly ways that you can bring Sybaris into your everyday life from the way you dress to the places you go. From the new school to the old school and everything in between.

This picture of the New York City skyline perfectly illustrates that perfect balance of hard and soft: a beautiful juxtaposition.

Take this journey with me and of course, share your thoughts!

—Faith Cummings

Editor, Urban Sybaris

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