Get Karl Lagerfeld’s Diamond Shamballa Jewels Bracelets, Worn at “Noel, Reves d’Evasion,” Christmas Illuminations Launch at Printemps in Paris

When Karl Lagerfeld steps out, you know it is a momentous occasion. He was seen at “Noel, Reves d’Evasion,” Christmas Illuminations Launch at Le Printemps in Paris.

Monsieur Lagerfeld is not a man of many different looks, but you can expect that whatever he wears is of the highest quality. At the Christmas Illuminations Launch, he opted for Shamballa Jewels to adorn his wrists: an amazing array of diamond bracelets including the Black Diamond Pavé Bracelets, Black Diamond Pavé & White Gold Bracelet, Black Diamond, Tahiti Pearl and White Gold Bracelet, Faceted Sapphire Bracelet and Black Gold Rhodinated Bracelet with Black Diamonds. Though minimalist in look, these bracelets are clearly luxury at its finest, in true Lagerfeld fashion.

Shamballa Jewels was started by brothers Mads and Mikkel Kornerup in 2004 , though the origins of the brand started way before in 1994 when Mads opened a store in Paris. The pieces really are unique, crafted from precious gemstones, inspired by ancient Indian and modern Scandinavian designs. The design duo is best known for their macramé beaded bracelets with balls made of gold and other precious stones. An interesting fact is that Helena Christensen wore one of the full pavé white diamonds bracelets to the Oscars and that really sent the brand’s success into the luxury stratosphere.

Karl Lagerfeld isn’t the only superstar to wear Shamballa Jewels. Other fans include Jay-Z, Heidi Klum, Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mary Kate Olsen, Lebron James and many more.

Shamballa Jewels’ bracelets retail from $3000 – $56000. Visit for more information and to purchase.

*Images courtesy of Getty.


  1. Rachel

    Love that Monsieur Lagerfeld always wears the same look but it never looks tired..he is a man that knows what works for him, sticks with it and makes it work…great the bracelets!!

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