Must-See: Five Fashionable Movies To Rent Right Now

I am a total movie buff. My weekends are sometimes spent out and about, but I always try to get in a movie or two. My love for film started long ago during summers spent with my grandparents and I haven’t been able to shake the movie bug ever since.

Summer is the time of huge blockbusters, but I enjoy films of years past just as much as new releases. Of course, I love when style comes into play and it happens more often than not. Here are five fashionable movies that you have to rent right now. Trust me, they will not disappoint.

1. A Single Man: Tom Ford, Colin Firth, Julianne Moore…need I say more? The cinematography is brilliant, the clothes are fantastic and both Firth and Moore are beautiful. The story is also incredibly moving. I could watch this over and over and would never grow tired of it.

2. The Tourist: I just saw this film this weekend and I adored it. Paris and Venice are where it all takes place and an international spirit like me fell in love just with the scenery. Angelina Jolie looks fabulous in every scene, whether it be her diamond choker necklace or her long gloves. Johnny Depp is present in his full artsy style and throws on a tuxedo for good measure at the end of the film which makes it all worth it.

3. Move Over Darling: This is an old film with two of my favorites: James Garner and Doris Day. Completely charming and literally the whole film is cute as a button. It is from 1963 so 60’s fashion is on full display: when women and men still practiced the art of getting dressed up.

4. Manhattan: I featured Meryl Streep as one of my weekend inspirations some time ago, but don’t be fooled: Diane Keaton and Mariel Hemingway also shine in the film. It’s a film about my city, so how could I not love that? Woody Allen is a genius and it’s a definite must-see.

5. Addicted to Love: Cheesy 90’s film starring two of the most popular actors of our generation: Meg Ryan and Matthew Broderick. Meg’s outfits are total 90’s grunge and her famous haircut is on display. The 90’s are back after all. It’s silly and amazing.

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