CSI Anyone? Try Lost City’s Killer Pillows

I am hopelessly devoted to televisions shows like CSI, Law & Order and Criminal Minds. There is something about the suspense, drama and action that makes them so intriguing and to be honest, I like being just a bit scared.

If you want to bring a little forensic science into your everyday life, try a pillow or two from Lost City. They have a selection of pieces inspired by trace evidence which is found at crime scenes like blood splatters and fingerprints. They are not for the faint of heart, but they are really beautiful, in an eerie kind of way. The pillows are hand-embroidered using silk rayon in the Ari technique, made popular in the 14th through 17th centuries.

Not sure if sleeping next to these will be the best idea, but they will certainly look great on a couch.

Lost City’s pillows retail for $285-$300. Visit www.vivre.com to purchase and www.lostcityproducts.com for more information as well as a look at their other products.

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