Weekend Inspiration: Meryl Streep in Manhattan

I am hopelessly devoted to Meryl Streep. I haven’t seen a film from her that has disappointed me yet, thus imagine my surprise when I came across Manhattan, directed by Woody Allen in 1979 and starring Meryl, Diane Keaton, Woody Allen (naturally) and Mariel Hemingway.

In it, Meryl plays WoodyAllen’s ex-wife, Jill who is currently living with another woman and writing a book about her marriage to Woody’s character, Isaac. She is absolutely stunning, with long blonde straight hair and a wardrobe to fawn over. Clearly, their relationship inspired the writers of Friends. There is no way that Ross and Carol’s relationship isn’t modeled after this. Carol and Jill even seem to be spitting images of one another.

I do not have any grandiose plans this weekend (as the weather is currently less than appealing), but Meryl is truly giving me inspiration for what unexpected events may come my way.

See more pictures of her in the film below.


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