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5 Reasons To See The Other Woman

On Wednesday, I was able to attend a screening of The Other Woman, thanks to my fabulous roomie (@GlamazonsBlog)! I was thrilled and ditched my date with the spin bike because: I love Cameron Diaz and have wanted to see the film since I saw the trailer months ago. We were treated to champagne, popcorn, candy, a lovely POPSUGAR box with treats, and a Q&A with style legend Patricia Field. If you have any reservations, here are 5 reasons you should see the film.


1. Patricia Field is the film’s costume designer. During the Q&A, Field gave so much knowledge that my head started to spin. For one, she gushed about Cameron Diaz’s professionalism, Leslie Mann’s comedic talent, and her loathing of all things “trendy”. She’s a style goddess.


2. The cast is full of amazing women. Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Nicki Minaj…all so powerful and beautiful. I honestly wouldn’t mind a sequel!


3. Any Cameron Diaz rom-com is mandatory viewing. The Sweetest Thing, The Holiday, She’s The One…I could go on and on! Ms. Diaz is one of my favorites and for good reason — she’s been in the game for twenty years.


4. Taylor Kinney’s face… God bless Lady Gaga for getting the opportunity to look at this man’s face every morning and evening. Yes, Taylor Kinney is talented, but he’s also unbelievably fine. Definite eye candy.


5. Women can do some pretty fantastic things when we stick together. Though the plot of the film is a bit far-fetched, the moral of the story really is sisterhood and the amazing things that women can do when we put everything else aside and replace those divisive things with support and love. Life is so much better when we get along and hold one another up instead of finding ways to tear one another down.

Visit for more information and check out the film which hits theaters on April 25th!

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Get Custom Name Jewelry at Patricia Field: Inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s Carrie Necklace on Sex and the City

Which fashion-obsessed, Sex and the City loving woman wasn’t searching high and low for a name necklace after seeing Carrie Bradshaw rock one? I had mine long before the show aired, as name jewelry was like a rite of passage for anyone into urban and street style, but Carrie made it visible to a whole new set of fashionistas. The genius behind the piece: Patricia Field.

I can watch Sex and the City episodes now in even more awe because I can truly see the wealth of sources that Patricia Field pulled from in order to create a certain look. From statement high-fashion separates to 80’s street style, the references are endless and all came together on Carrie Bradshaw, who always looked so unique and cutting edge.

You can now own your every own custom name jewelry. From a Nameplate Necklace ($270) to a Nameplate Pinky Ring ($320), Patricia Field offers a number of styles. Yes, you might be able to find custom name jewelry at cheaper prices, but at Patricia Field, you will never have to worry about quality. Spending less for designs like these might be great initially, but with wear, the designs will tarnish and will have to be purchased again. You can also add diamonds to the designs, for a little extra bling.

My personal pick is the Arabic Nameplate Necklace ($270). I minored in the language in college and I am always looking for ways to show my love for it. This is the perfect piece.

Patricia Field’s Custom Name Jewelry retails for $120 – $520. Visit to purchase and see more designs below.

*Images courtesy of HBO and Patricia Field.


Fashion Rewind: Get Rihanna’s Piers Atkinson Cherry Headband and Patricia Field Leather Heart Eye Patch from the S&M Video

When Rihanna’s “S&M” video first debuted, it garnered a lot of attention because of its eye-popping colors and very risqué outfits and scenes. Rihanna is no stranger to controversy and I am pretty sure that she intended to stir up some drama, since the song is about a very taboo practice after all.

Though totally taken from works of David LaChapelle, the fashion in the video was original and quite amazing. In it, Rihanna wears a slew of raunchy looks that are both playful and unique. Her accessories are what really impressed me, including a very fun Cherry Headband and a Leather Heart Eye Patch.

Piers Atkinson is a well-known man about town, who literally does everything from millinery to being a fashion editor. He created his debut collection of fantastic headpieces during his downtime to relieve stress and he came up with amazing pieces that the likes of everyone from Rihanna to Anna dello Russo have worn. The Cherry Headband is adorable enough to make a statement at Fashion Week or for a night out. You will definitely strike up a conversation.

The Leather Heart Eye Patch that Rihanna rocks might not be as wearable, though definitely just as fun. Here in New York City, anything goes so why not try it and turn a few heads? It is another great piece from Patricia Field.

Piers Atkinson’s Cherry Headband retails for $450 and Patricia Field’s Leather Heart Eye Patch for $58. Visit to purchase and if you need a little refresher, watch the “S&M” video below.

*Rihanna image courtesy of LostinSoho.


Relive Madonna’s Like A Virgin Days with Patricia Field’s Boy Toy Belt Buckle

Like A Virgin was released a few years before I set foot in this world, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of my favorite albums of all time. The title song, “Material Girl”, “Into the Groove”, “Dress You Up”: all singles from the epic record.

My mother is always bringing up the eccentric and trendsetting style of Madonna, especially when she stepped onto the scene. No one was dressing like her, but that did not last long as everyone went out to buy white lace, tutus, name belts and stacks upon stacks of bracelets trying to imitate her fashion sense.

Patricia Field is always pushing the envelope in terms of products at her store and she is sending us all back to the early 80’s with her new Boy Toy Belt Buckle. Nothing in fashion is ever dead for too long and trends always come back, even stronger than they once were. When I was in high school, name belt buckles were all the rage and Patricia is clearly trying to bring them back. A really cute way to wear it for now, would be to use it to cinch your waist over a sweatshirt dress. Throw on some sky-high platform pumps, amazing hoop earrings and you’re ready to go.

Patricia Field’s Boy Toy Belt Buckle retails for $42. Visit to purchase.


Get Beyoncé’s Red Sequin B Bodysuit As Seen In Her Target Commercial

Are you brave enough to wear a piece completely adorned in sequins? Red sequins? On a bodysuit? Don’t fret: most would not be. Naturally, Beyoncé never cowers when it comes to fashion and thus she decided to wear all of the aforementioned.

In her Target commercial (still running on repeat), she rocks a fierce red sequin bodysuit and now, you can own it if you so choose. It was designed by David Dalrymple who is the designer for House of Field, world-renowned stylist Patricia Field’s line. The piece truly is not for the faint of heart and I absolutely love it.

Despite what you might have thought, the price isn’t astronomical. It retails for $450 so save up!

Visit to purchase.

*Images courtesy of Patricia Field.